How Many Jewish Comedians Does It Take to Stop an American Fascist Shmuck?

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by Kate Rothschild


An American writer shares some thoughts on surviving Trump’s crazy unreality show during a global pandemic while resisting the Q cult, carrying on her Grandfather’s work fighting fascism and prejudice, and embracing the mystical power of humor.



The Crazy American Unreality Show

“God’s gift to comedy.” -Jerry Seinfeld


It ended with Bernie Sanders in mittens and Jewish lasers in space memes. The Great Misleader had been defeated and his coup was thwarted. The Q shaman was in jail while Fox News ratings were in the toilet. A sensible President who didn’t terrorize U.S. with tweets was in the White House along with a qualified Vice President and her nice Jewish husband. The crazy American unreality show had been canceled after four seasons. The world was no longer held hostage by a maniac with nukes and bad makeup. How the hell did this happen? Why did a self-promoting charlatan get a green light for the presidency and manage to make America great again for white supremacists? What did we do to deserve this twisted parody of leadership with 30,000 lies, 500,000 deaths, 2 impeachments and 1 former superpower turned into a global joke?


The Great Misleader Conman in Chief Supreme Commander of Trolls

„It’s kind of great to have a person like that represent everything that’s wrong in the world. It’s always a good thing to look at somebody and say, ’That’s the worst thing that could happen.’ I think we should keep [Trump] in the spotlight— not as a president, obviously.“ -Chelsea Handler


He’ll rise to the occasion and magically become a normal president, the pundits had promised. This did not happen. Nothing was normal with the Great Misleader who boasted of his ‘very, very large brain’ while 37 mental health experts warned us that he was very, very dangerous.’ They told us he was a “paranoid, hypersensitive, grandiose, ill-informed leader” who “represents a multidimensional threat to our country and the world” and “pisses ice water.” (Actually, the last part was a quote from his gangster lawyer.) Amy Schumer summed it up that he was an „orange, sexual assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.“ He was so outrageous that people weren’t sure if he was an insane clown, clever showman, corrupt mobster, Russian asset or MAGA cult myth. He was all of it yet none of it was real. That’s why the Great Misleader Conman in Chief Supreme Commander of Trolls captured the world’s attention.


Some people dismissed him as an inexperienced buffoon who couldn’t possibly win. He claimed to have “the best words” but they were an endless word salad of pathetic self-promotion, bizarre threats, meaningless slogans, and shameless lies. The Great Misleader performed the role of successful businessman and his fans believed the shtick. They ignored his 6 bankruptcies, 3500 lawsuits, and far too many dirty tricks. He called his falsehoods “truthful hyperbole” and his minions called them “alternate facts” but it was all a fictional show with real consequences. There was so much evidence that this was a corrupt character and a national security threat with a history of suspicious real estate dealings, money laundering casinos, bribery and international criminal partners. Yes, he’s “a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a con man,” confirmed his lawyer, Michael Cohen, after the country had been snookered. The billionaire scammer specialized in easy money deals that put his name on buildings, cheap products and pyramid schemes. Then he discovered politics was the ultimate grift so the celebrity conman conspired to get into office, grabbed $1.6 billion and tried to steal reelection. Ethics clearly were not a problem as the Great Misleader broke laws, stole charity moneyfrom sick children, destroyed our democracy and colluded with Russia. Though bored with presidential responsibilities, he enjoyed TV, tweeting and golf. His other hobbies included denouncing critical media, demonizing minorities, and vengefully attacking anyone who didn’t rally along with his authoritarian personality cult.


The Resistance

“Sometimes we have to protest injustice with our own farce.“Sacha Baron Cohen

“There’s something really powerful about comedy. When the little guy, the comedian, punches up towards the big guy, or Trump, exposing him, calling out the emperor for having no clothes, that’s really important.” -Randy Rainbow

One can watch WWII movies and wonder about joining the Resistance but when the time comes, you just do it. There were many serious journalists, commentators, social justice organizations, politicians and protestors who exposed the deception, denounced corruption and fought to save our democracy.  But the public either wasn’t paying attention or was so filled with fear and despair that they’d given up hope. We needed a special group of freedom fighters who knew how to deal with dishonest crooks and dirty tricksters. Our country called for a few brave souls who dared to speak truth and entertain us more than the Great Misleader. This was a job for the rebel comedians.


“Jews will not replace us,” chanted the angry mob. And they were right. We didn’t march with torches and shout stupid slogans. We mocked them. Then we debunked their ridiculous deceptions and helped the public lighten up. The rebel comedians were disorganized and armed only with wit. The unofficial court jester was Randy Rainbow featuring his imaginary interviews with Queen Donald and fabulous musical parodies. Lorne Michaels gave us political satire on SNL with a bumbling old president far more amusing than the real thing. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat movies reminded us that bigots are funny when they’re not tossing us in wells. Dan and Eugene Levy offered a break from nasty politics as we laughed at humbled narcissists learning to live without wealth and power in “Schitt’s Creek.” Jimmy Kimmel tossed chuckle grenades along with the other late night hosts, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers, who had Jewish writers churning out gags. Not that it mattered because there was no discrimination in the comedy cabal. As long as the intention was positive, anyone could help spread funny political zingers. The bravest were the comedians on Twitter who launched punchlines directly at the Great Misleader and dropped ironic truth bombs on everyone else. Getting blocked by the President was a badge of honor for those who succeeded at wounding his fragile pride. We fought for truth, justice and liberation from bullshit.


‘Mock the Authoritarian’ was an organic covert operation that wasn’t hidden. The subversion was out in the open and the rest of the world joined the rebellion. The UK flew a balloon depicting the Great Misleader as a giant baby filled with hot air. Several countries created satires of the arrogant “American First” policy by humbly requesting that their nation come second. When the United Nations laughed at his braggadocious routine, we assumed the Conman in Chief’s spell had been broken. Then a group of NATO leaders mocked the American moron that became SNL satire and victory seemed near. Everyone laughed when Denmark rejected his bonkers attempt to buy Greenland, so he launched a new Space Force to develop Trumpland golf resorts on Mars. Okay, that last bit was exaggerated but his conspiring with the Russians was definitely true. The House had impeached him for brazenly breaking the law.  There was no way he could stay in office after this epic crime. The wise fools had carried the day, exposing truth and helping the public laugh away fear. ‘It’s not funny,’ insisted the historians who told us not to underestimate the threat of doomsday scenarios and other terrible things. But we refused to believe that could ever happen here. The farce had been with us all along. Surely the MAGA supporters now saw the light—their reality TV star was a failure and an international joke.


Down the Rabbit Hole

„Ok, I admit it. I’m Q and for every Republican whose heart was broken when Q never showed up, guess what? I was at home being Jewish!” -Bette Midler (tweet)


The empire struck back so swiftly that many were caught by surprise still celebrating that the Conman in Chief had been caught and fired from his job. He was quickly acquitted by amoral senators and sought vengeance on the country by pretending the global pandemic didn’t exist. Now everyone would see that the Great Misleader was cruel and incompetent as thousands died and he callously bragged about his ratings. Yet his devoted followers just didn’t care. We believed justice would prevail as we united to affirm that Black Lives Matter and the world joined the protest against police brutality and systemic oppression. Again, we were wrong as the Commander of Trolls urged that the opposition be dominated and shot. Then he gassed peaceful protestors to pose with a Bible in front of a church and still remained popular with religious conservatives which was the most shocking stunt.


Once again, we failed to consider the deep state shenanigans of a desperate performer with sagging approval polls. We thought it was a grandiose delusion when he said: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot people and I wouldn’t lose voters.“ Now he was actually killing his supporters by encouraging them to inject bleach, reject science and rational thinking. Their minds were masked with the absurd Q myth that the Great Misleader was part of an elite plot to save the world from another elite plot to eat mole children in pizza parlors with extra adrenochrome instead of cheese. Devotees were instructed to “trust the plan” so they watched dramatic videos, shared cryptic posts, and worshipped their time-traveling crusader on a mission to stop deviant sex clubs filled with traitors. President Trump was perfectly cast as the sex scandal commander since he had child sex trafficker friends, 19 sexual assault accusations, a fetish for porn stars, golden showers, and sexual fantasies about his daughter. People posted urgent appeals to “save the children” from imaginary underground prisons but didn’t care about the kids in the Great Misleader’s immigrant camps.  “Wake up sheeple,” the converts demanded as they shared the same messages and fear-shamed people for wearing masks then insisted we should be terrified of Bill Gates’ 5G microchips served with salsa.


Cracking the code

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” -Sigmund Freud


Why was the Q cult growing like a giant boil on the bottom of our country even though the predictions never came true? “Do the research!” exclaimed the influencers with a link to the latest fake documentary as they promoted their brands. So the free-thinkers did our own research and confirmed that Q was a con. It was an immersive political marketing production with obvious clues. Recruits were urged to “go down the rabbit hole,” a typical alternate reality game (ARG) entry, but directing players to seek the truth in Wonderland was pure political satire. Anyone who has read the famous children’s book would know that Alice only finds silly creatures spouting nonsense and sensibly frees herself by being more conscious. The designers tried to leverage the popular “Matrix” movie by pushing the “red pill” to users which also seemed like a joke. The metaphorical film is about liberating the true self and Q trapped people in a controlled world of pseudo-spiritual deception. Some other clues were the clickbait keywords, intense triggered emotions, and bullying behavior of the followers as they transformed from yoga moms to aggressive online monsters. Initiates were flattered and groomed as ‘special, light workers’ and ‘patriots’ from an ‘advanced race,’ taking part in a “great awakening” and “ascension to 5D reality.” The Conman in Chief was on a divine mission to ‘save the world’ by rounding up and executing liberals, democrats, lefties, scientists, intellectuals, media, globalist bankers, philanthropists and Hollywood celebrities. This was clearly a hit-job on his political enemies and a distraction from his management failures. But why did the story about satanic blood rituals and wealthy weirdos sound so familiar? That’s when the pieces of the horrible puzzle fit together. The devious developers were using an old massive multiplayer game that’s been played for centuries called ‘Blame the Jews.’


‘Blame the Jews’ was popular in the Middle Ages and perfected by the Nazis because it was so easy to play. Whenever anything negative happened, accuse a Jewish cabal of making it occur. Whether it’s pandemics, economic crises, wars, wildfires, droughts, missing children, social integration or bad press, credit the liberal tribe everyone likes to despise. It doesn’t matter if the charges are gibberish bunk. The outrageous fables don’t have to make sense. Trolling millions of people with ludicrous attacks is part of the game. It’s a ploy to project fear, resentment and rage onto a convenient scapegoat and avoid responsibility for problems. And if a modern leader doesn’t have any policy successes, he can attack George Soros and the Rothschilds to rile the public and deflect his shame.


Lost in the dark

„It’s just one long string of really bad luck and I don’t know what kind of carnage I inflicted in my past life to deserve it. I must have been Dracula or a spin instructor or something.“ — Dan Levy (as David Rose in “Schitt’s Creek”)


Now here’s the thing about sharing the name of a family of super-beings that control the world and hold infinite powers—there’s a lot of pressure to succeed. Some of us use a pseudonym because we can’t control time and space and it’s quite humiliating. If there’s a family guidebook for interdimensional shapeshifting lizard alien magic, some of us do not have one. Nor have we received our check for a quadrillion dollars, a personal vineyard or a chateau. In the U.S. they call us Roths-child as if we’re rosy kids but it’s actually a red shield to protect us from vicious attacks using advanced technology that may involve space lasers.


It was harder to dismiss the hate-speech as trivial when bullying and violent rhetoric had become a national sport. Not only did the massive troll campaign ‘unite the right,’ but they managed to convert a cross-section of gullible leftists, independents, and centrists to join the white angry Christian red-hat mob. People proclaimed they were allies against prejudice while eagerly repeating xenophobic slurs. Then they boasted of being totally ‘woke’ as they ignorantly helped foreign agents spread viral mind control pranks. The war on freedom was having a terrifying effect as mentally unstable citizens were indoctrinated with mass murder fantasies and bought millions of guns. It was a nightmare that we couldn’t wake up from as the Resistance desperately tried to stop history from repeating and prevent another tragedy. Our democracy was self-destructing and it was looking so dark that it was time to consider an escape from the country. Plans were made with friends in Berlin along with the study of German for an ironic reverse exodus. But travel restrictions screwed that scenario so the threat of radical extremism had to once again be faced.


Ancestral Wisdom

“The problems we face did not come down from the heavens. They are made. They are made by bad human decisions, and good human decisions can change them.”  -Senator Bernie Sanders, 2016


“Be optimistic and courageous. Don’t lose heart. America has been in danger before, and has always come through. America will come through again, will rise up against anti-Semitism as it has risen up against other un-American movements.” – Richard C. Rothschild, 1940


The shining light in the storm of cynical aggression was Bernie Sanders, our progressive champion. Unlike most politicians, he was a role model of integrity consistently fighting for all Americans to enjoy peace and prosperity. As one meme reminded us: “In a world of Donald Trumps, be a Bernie Sanders.” And Bernie was the ubermensch of memes appearing as Obi-Wan Kanobi leading us to liberation from the corporate empire through the force of ethical justice. His slogan of #notmeus mocked the selfish agenda of the Great Misleader and his horde of entitled supremacists. This message of unity through collective higher purpose was also shared by my Grandfather eighty years earlier. In the 1940s, Richard Rothschild’s inclusive strategy for the American Jewish Committee focused on fighting the fascist threat to democracy rather than anti-Semitism. Once again, his Antifa guidance was needed to inspire the opposition and out-smart Nazi extremists. ‘Be strong with integrity. Avoid repeating the big lies. Don’t defend against smears or appeal for sympathy because people don’t respect those who seem weak. Counter the threat with creative techniques.’ This was basically Grandpa’s badass advice. Alas, his foolish granddaughter made lots of mistakes before embracing the ancestral wisdom to have faith in humanity and be subversive with style.





Finding the Light & Learning the Lessons

There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” -Erma Bombeck


Once we chose hope and committed to positive action, anything was possible. The U.S. had defeated fascism before and could beat a psychopathic bigot again. Now the storyline had reversed and a civilized Germany  saw an American madman as the biggest threat to world peace. We had vowed ‘never again’ and were determined to keep the promise. So 80 million heroes united to save democracy with a record number of votes. The whole world (except Russia) was relieved when we elected a boring new president who wouldn’t annihilate us all. This time it was definitely over and it was a huge relief. But just when we thought it was safe to celebrate, the creepy clown bounced back in the center ring. Like a villain in a movie, he had revealed his dastardly plot to steal the election long before it happened. The weird part was after four years of all his comebacks, people were still surprised that he refused to go away. The experts had warned us that he accused others of his deceptions so it was reassuring when the courts rejected his fraud. We assumed the unreality show had to be finished after the hilarious press conference held between a crematorium and a sex shop. But there was a final act to this horror-comedy that awaited us. It featured men in silly costumes smearing their crap all over Congress in the MAGA mob’s failed terrorist coup. Though the Conman was acquitted by his Republican colluders, there is hope that he’ll still be held accountable for his crimes by state prosecutors.


 “Look, Trump may not be the president we want, but he may be the president we deserve. The constant reminder that democracy takes effort and must be protected. He represents a cancer that’s always right below the surface: racism, xenophobia, fear of other. But at least now it’s something we can see, it’s something we can point to.” -Sarah Silverman




The Great Misleader wasn’t really a lightworker, antichrist or messiah. He was just another corrupt politician that screwed over a democracy when people stupidly gave their consent. What can we learn from the experience to prevent this chaos from happening again and again and again? We can start by listening to experts and stop being seduced by predators who abuse our trust. Instead of looking for simple answers, we can be aware that life is incredibly complex. We can improve education, healthcare and social justice to eliminate suffering and clean up the toxic mess. We can increase our immunity to mind viruses by boosting well-being. We can recognize false prophets who try to divide us with scary stories and bogus beliefs for profit. There’s an actual conspiracy that Q doesn’t want us to know—racist hierarchies are a hoax to promote supremacist doctrine. We’re all one human race and 99.9% biologically the same. We’re a hunk of meat with different spices on top. Our cultural and ethnic variations give us access to ancestral wisdom and individual identities. We need social and environmental biodiversity to ensure our survival. Everyone is special and deserves compassion but no one is superior or in control of the world. We humans have equal responsibility to solve our global problems. Though life can be stressful and amazingly absurd, there’s a secret to hack it: lighten up and follow the Golden Rule.


Gift of Laughter

“Life literally abounds in comedy if you just look around you.” -Mel Brooks


There are plenty of serious analyses about humanity’s absurdities that are pessimistic about our long-term survival. Yet miraculously we’ve managed to make it this far. Some say it’s because we are blessed with humor as a divine gift. They call humor a sense because it helps us perceive as well as stay humble, healthy, flexible, and bravely resilient. When it all seems over-whelming and we feel like victims, we can choose to be heroes and overcome our limiting delusions. There’s a reason why authoritarians try to program us to stay stuck in negative emotion—it makes us vulnerable to control and ongoing conflict. Studies show it only takes 3.5% of the population engaged in peaceful protest to toss misleaders from power. That’s why they try to keep us divided. We can thwart this mishegoss by choosing to unite with positive purpose so all can thrive. As a sage cyber message explains: “Equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you. It’s not pie.” Suffering and flourishing are not a competition. Humor is a great equalizer because it depends on strong mind but not a buff body. A court jester is able to challenge the ruler by neutralizing negative energy with clever wit and boldness. The emotional alchemy only works with light-heart so troll cruelty intended to harm isn’t really ‘a joke.’ True humor helps us rebalance and remember that life makes fools of us all which enables compassion. In the epic battle for peaceful freedom, love and laughter will always trump hate and anger.

{Kate identifies as a writer, reality hacker and mystical humorist Jewel. Her background includes positive psychology, product management, marketing, international relations, shamanism, and comedy. She holds workshops and consults with companies to empower social and emotional character development and is working on a new book entitled “Mega Guide: a BS-Free Manual to the Game of Life and Beyond.”}